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Posted on Apr 28, 2014

Bird of the Soul Book Drive

Bird of the Soul publisher Best Life Media has teamed up with the 501(c)(3) non-profit Dahn Yoga Foundation for a Bird of the Soul Book Drive. We are sponsoring this event because we believe in the book’s ability to bring comfort and hope to people, both young and old.

This Book Drive was inspired by one California woman who gained confidence and hope from reading Bird of the Soul while she went through painful life changes. She had such conviction of the book’s ability to empower people that she started giving it to friends, family, patients of clinics, and members of support groups. And the project grew from there.

Others have recognized the book’s ability to soothe and encourage. Melinda Hills, a reviewer for Readers’ Favorite, wrote that Bird of the Soul “represents a small first step that can lead to big changes and improvements in anyone’s life.” Kylie Riordan, author of the Mindful Mummy Healing blog, agreed, “If you are feeling despair or loneliness at the moment, this book may help. It can help you in such a short period of time . . . .”

Reading Bird of the Soul and practicing its attached meditation CD can benefit adults, as Melissa Molfetto, author of the How to Live Happily Ever After blog, said, “I think many adults need this book. I think it would particularly benefit adults in recovery.” It can also help children, as Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the Conversations with God series, said: “With this sweet and gentle book, Bird of the Soul, Ilchi Lee has opened the door for a child’s rich and deep understanding, which, in turn, can lead them to a full and rewarding life.”

How It Works

Dahn Yoga Foundation is accepting goods donations of copies of Bird of the Soul. These donations are tax deductible and a donation receipt will be given upon request.

They will then give the books to any organization who would like copies.
Current donation recipients include:
New York PS 202
New York Methodist Hospital
Bridge Back to Life

Future donation recipients include:
Camp Soaring Eagle
Golden Gate Community Center
Through Readers’ Favorite:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Meals on Wheels
  • the Kids in Need Foundation
  • Adult Literacy League

If you would like to donate copies of Bird of the Soul or would like to receive copies for your organization, please contact Michela Mangiaracina at Best Life Media at

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  1. Pennye Green of Gaithersburg, Maryland recently donated Bird of the Soul to Peer Wellness & Recovery Services and gave a Bird of the Soul session at their Drawing Conclusions program where they had a chance to draw their Bird of the Soul.

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  2. Debra Ferguson from Washington, DC recently sent us news about their book donation to Girls Inc., which provides more than 138,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique challenges girls face. Their mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold as they navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.

    She wrote: “On Thursday, October 2, six Dahn Yoga instructors brought the Bird of the Soul program to 39 young ladies and six volunteer staff members. We did stretching, plate balancing exercises, read the book in small groups, and meditated collectively. After the meditation we broke into small groups again, during which the girls drew and colored their Soul Bird and shared their experiences with their peers.

    It was a rewarding and successful event that brought smiles to the girl’s faces, some moans and groans as they stretched their young bodies, and even some gasps when they were able to feel the energy coursing through their legs after toe tapping [exercise].

    The Girl’s Inc. staff was very appreciative and enjoyed participating along with the students. We recommended that the staff check in with the girls periodically, asking them about the status of their Soul Birds, and reminding them that no matter their circumstances, as long as they have their Soul Bird they are never alone.

    [We] plan to provide additional programs to this group in the future and encourage others to reach out to local Girls Inc. affiliates to do the same.”

    Thank you Debra and Dahn Yoga for helping these girls become inspired by their soul!

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  3. Susan Gerace of Phoenix, Arizona contacted us to let us know she recently donated copies of Bird of the Soul to the Childhelp, a center that provides treatment, intervention, and investigation services to abused and neglected children and their families. The books will be given to children who come in for help.

    She said:
    “The photo was taken by one of the Detectives. In the photo is one of the Coordinators and one of the Detectives, who is one of my daughters.

    These wonderful books will be used by the families who bring in the children. They can help comfort the children by reading Bird of Soul to them, and the families can receive peace with the CDs. The staff can also have the benefit of the book/CD.”

    This is what Susan’s daughter had to say:
    “Childhelp is a very special, non-profit organization partnered with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and local law enforcement across Maricopa County. They greatly rely on donations from private parties and outside sources and could not exist in the way they do without such donations. Especially appreciated are those donations that are not only heartfelt and wholesome, but good for the mind, body, and spirit as is Bird of the Soul. Thank you for your most generous and kind donation to the children we serve, our most precious and innocent asset.”

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  4. Yesterday, representatives from Dahn Yoga Headquarters and the Scottsdale, AZ Dahn Yoga Center joined the staff of the Scottsdale office of Camp Soaring Eagle in a thank-you ceremony.

    The Scottsdale Center had gathered and donated 300 Bird of the Soul books to Camp Soaring Eagle, a camp for seriously ill children that gives kids a chance to have a “normal” camp experience with the support of medical staff. They focus on helping campers maintain a positive attitude despite their physical challenges. Because our message and vision is essentially the same as that of Camp Soaring Eagle, Dahn Yoga Foundation has an ongoing relationship with the non-profit organization and has raised funds to send children to camp in the past.

    The staff at Camp Soaring Eagle and Gloria, a daughter of one of the staff members, expressed their sincere thanks for the books, saying how touched they were by Bird of the Soul. They were also impressed they were by how quickly the Scottsdale Center gathered the donation and how much people cared.

    The camp plans to use the books as camp souvenirs to send home with the kids to help them maintain the positivity they had at the camp. They will also give them to the children they visit in hospitals who are too ill to attend camp.

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  5. Just a few of the donations that have been given so far:

    1. Camp Soaring Eagle – Arizona – 300 books
    2. More Than Words – Boston, MA – 30 books
    3. Family and Children’s Association – Hempstead, NY – 50 books
    4. Golden Gate Community Center – Phoenix, AZ – 60 books
    5. Denver Metro Community Parent Resource Center – 20 books
    6. Personal-Touch Homecare Inc. – Hempstead, NY – 10 books
    7. Athens Books to Prisoners – Athens, OH – 100 books
    8. The Motivational Edge – Miami, FL – 35 books
    9. Arizona State Prison Complex – Phoenix, AZ
    10. St. Philomena Catholic Church and School – Torrance, AZ
    11. Hospital Association of Southern California
    12. VA hospital in Bay Ridge, NY – 80-100 books
    13. Amethyst volunteer organization – NY – 25 books
    14. American Cancer Society Relay for Life event – NY – 100 books

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  6. Bird of the Soul donation to a senior center in Bay Ridge, New York.

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  7. April Padilla volunteers at For the Love of Children in the Washington, DC area as a tutor. This organization helps prepare underprivileged high school students for post-secondary education. April used Bird of the Soul in one tutoring session, and here is what happened:

    “My student is a high school Sophomore, participating in the Wilson Reading Program. She is a brilliant, talented, creative young woman who is several grade levels behind in reading. While reading Bird of the Soul, she was reacting to the story of Jay in real-time! She engaged with the material and it inspired her to be creative and draw the “bird of herself” as she called it.

    Even further, she was able to complete a creative-writing prompt about her bird. We had a huge break-through! My student resists reading, and she showed enthusiasm and interest in this book! I usually have to encourage her to write, and she came up with her own “bird of self” writing prompt! I cannot over-estimate the value of this particular book as lesson tool, and it keeps giving inspiration to my student and myself!”

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  8. Thank you Gaithersburg, MD Dahn Yoga Center for your tireless effort in the Bird of the Soul Book Drive. They have collected over 1000 copies of Bird of the Soul and donated them to the Dahn Yoga Foundation!

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  9. Ann Torruellas, a Tempe, Arizona Dahn Yoga Center member who has led more than 50 hours of Dahn Yoga classes for women at the Arizona State Prison Complex, introduced Bird of the Soul to them and gave donation copies to the inmates, staff, and their families. She did three weeks of Bird of the Soul training with her classes using the book and, as she said, “It [was] nothing short of miraculous, watching the transformation of their souls.”

    This is what happened in her own words:

    Week 1
    I read the story to them. What I witnessed on their faces was a glow, a spark of hope and understanding. Some started to open up for the first time, sharing their struggles of guilt and shame. Others remarked about the joy and hope brought to them by the journey of the story. I wrote down a few of the quotes: “My Bird is always with me I am not alone.” “Endearing!” “My soul is there for me.” “I too had forgotten about my soul.” I had brought crayons and paper so they could draw their bird or write.

    Week 2
    I had the class pair off so the book could be read by one to the other, using the name of the person and the name of their bird. Once again there were tears, joy, and happiness. They spoke about how they put their journey into the story as it was being read and now they have hope. “All is not lost.” “Liked the personalization. It made it more meaningful.” “Love it! A lesson they needed to learn.”

    Week 3
    This week was very touching to me. I decided to combine the afternoon classes so more inmates could attend; there were about 40 in the class. We did almost 2 hours of class to bring the energy to the right level. I then used the first guided meditation on the CD. There was total silence. I watched their faces and energy change. Even the inmates with the most hardened exteriors were letting go. Some were crying, others were smiling, and all were moved in some way.

    One of the inmates shared about reading the book and how using the guided meditation had brought her and her cellmate to tears. The cellmate had never come to a class before, but came this week. She told me she was happy to attend and will try to make it each week. Once again I brought crayons and paper. A few made Thank You cards and others wrote out their thoughts.

    Over the last 3 weeks, I have noticed a remarkable change. The inmates that have been attending are more focused, eager, and smiling. They tell me they look forward to classes each week and are practicing daily. Some that have been coming all along are now sharing with others and have a vision to spread Dahn Yoga throughout their yards. Each week I am blessed with heartbreaking and heartwarming stories.

    I am so grateful and blessed beyond measure.

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  10. Pennye Green has been doing many Story Time events with donation copies of Bird of the Soul around her Gaithersburg, Maryland home and generously updates us frequently about them. She says that when she delivers donation books, “In my mind I see this as a chance to change the lives of each person I visit with true message of hope and to love themselves more! To become awakened and live a more meaningful life with more smiles and less fear!”

    Recently, she hand-delivered 12 copies to a local women’s shelter. The head of the center was so thankful for the books. Then she brought 33 copies to an elder care center.

    Pennye nim return to each place soon to do Bird of the Soul storytelling, stretching, and musical meditation with the staff and residents to give them a message of hope.

    She says: “As you can see by the photos the minute that we hand over the books the look on their faces is so much brighter!”

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  11. When Dihessa of the Gaithersburg, Maryland Dahn Yoga Center went to visit her home in the West African country of Togo, she took Bird of the Soul with her . While on her trip, she told Best Life Media, “I have experienced so many miracles since I have been here.”

    The same day she was trying to imagine how she was going to gather kids at her house to do a Story Time, her cousin decided to drop off three kids at her house, which drew more kids into her living room. Before she knew it, she had 10 kids around, three of which could translate the book from English to French, which is the official language of Togo. Dihessa nim said, “We had a great Bird of the Soul Story Time.”

    Dihessa nim also introduced the book to her friend Berthe, who was visiting from Luxembourg. Berthe had goosebumps when she heard Bird of the Soul.

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  12. One member of the Pasadena, California Dahn Yoga Center saw the Bird of the Soul Book Drive board at the center and noticed some of the books had been donated to schools. As an administrator at the non-profit Inner-City Arts school in Los Angeles, she thought Bird of the Soul would be great for their summer camp. Pasadena center was able to give them 80 books, which the camp distributed to two sessions of their after-hours program.

    Rather than simply handing out the books, the teachers at the camp had the kids read the book together so that they would become familiar with the story. They also told the parents about the book so that the parents could help the kids with it at home. The teachers even prepared cut-outs of birds for the children to decorate and take home with them. The kids also colored “cousin” birds to fly away to the donors and say thank you.

    The teachers said the kids loved the book. They are able to understand the story and do the meditation very well.

    One teacher’s daughter even likes to do the meditation while she’s in the car. She sympathized with the bird and wants to take good care of the Bird of her Soul from now on.

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  13. Chakra Healing Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado has now donated 30 books to: the Boulder Public Library, the Lyons Public Library, the Nederland Public Library, the Longmont Public Library and other small community organizations. These are all surrounding towns in Colorado.

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